Welcome to your world, documented by Jan Grarup.

In And Then There Was Silence you'll see new sides of what you had hoped to forget: The world anno 2017. It's not tough. It's way worse that that. This is your chance to see.

And Then There Was Silence shows the world all aspects of the world through Jan Grarup's work. The book raises awareness and eyebrows, spurs reflection, shows beauty, and darkness.

It's a fist, a punch to the gut. It doesn't show wars, it shows war. It doesn't show the poor, it shows poverty. Not the hungry, but hunger. Not conflicts of the world, but a world in conflict. And a world, where hope flourishes in even the darkest of places. 


White Edition

And Then There Was Silence in white.
Limited to only 300 copies.
Price: 999 DKK / 158 USD / 134 EUR

Limited Posters

Get yours hands on the Limited Posters printed exclusively as a part of And Then There Was Silence. 
Each poster is limited to 100 copies.


Limited Poster A



Limited Poster C



Limited Poster B

Republic of Central Africa


Limited Poster C


“The problems today, violent conflicts, poverty, hunger, and so on, are human-created problems which can be resolved through human effort.”

— Dalai Lama, Nobel's peace prize Acceptance Speech 1989


And Then There Was Silence is a huge photo book with 496 pages, measuring 280 x 380 mm and weighing in at over 5 kg.
It's not an easy book to handle - and that the point. The price is purposely kept as low as possible to make as many people as possible consider buying this important book. Honestly, you won't see a book anywhere in the world with this much muscle, at a price this low. This is a book meant to belong to the people.

From all of you

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